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San Antonio Junk Removal

Some homeowners living in San Antonio, Texas, have never experienced professional junk removal services. Others may not wholly understand that there’s an entire industry dedicated to taking your waste away.

Companies have been taking unwanted, broken, and otherwise junk items for years, but many residents still rely on their weekly trash pickup service. However, sooner or later, everyone sees belongings too large or unfit for standard receptacles.

That is where the experienced junk removal team at All Pro Junk arrives with an affordable estimate and fast service experiences. From old sofas and beds to bulky CRT TV models, we make parting with your unwanted things simple every day.

Before you incur fines from the city or spend all day driving to the dump and back, we make your removals a breeze. Contact us today to dispose of your junk the way more area residents prefer.

Junk Removal San Antonio

Even the tidiest homes have at least some stacks of clutter, and once you start ignoring them, they don’t go away. Whether you find yourself moving the same pile of books off a counter, or shoving old papers into a drawer, you need help now.

We do our best to take whatever you need off of your hands, regardless of its weight or material. Everything from leaves and yard waste to old computer monitors remains on our list of things to take.

As long as your things aren’t biohazardous or toxic chemical agents, we should have room on our truck for them. See why we continue providing the best in complete waste removal, including:

  • Food Waste
  • Yard Waste
  • Furniture & Mattresses
  • Scrap Metal
  • Playground Equipment
  • Hot Tubs
  • Office Furniture & Equipment
  • E-Waste/Devices
  • Outdoor Cooking Grills
  • Bagged Trash & Garbage
  • Clothing & Fabrics
  • Appliances & Work Out Equipment
  • And more personal items.

From spring cleaning to real estate investment, we remain the best choice for any service call you have. See why more residents choose us over any other service provider around.

What Can’t We Take?

While we would prefer never to tell our customers “no”, sometimes we have no choice. Specific items cannot get handled by our team due to safety concerns.

Items that remain too heavy and bulky to move by hand are not things we can remove because we would need a crane or other equipment item. And corrosive bleaches, cleaners, and other acids keep our team at risk.

Wet paint, gasoline, pesticides, and automotive fluids must get disposed of at dedicated recycling centers. You should check with local mechanics or dumps for information.

For any other removal questions, merely reach out directly to us. All Pro Junk remains at the ready for your call.

If you can’t stand looking at your waste another moment, call us now. Choose us at All Pro Junk.